Bait and Lures - Raccoon and Skunk

Jameson's FireBall Raccoon Bait
Jameson Jameson's FireBall Raccoon Bait
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Only 3 units left
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WCS  Applelicious Paste Bait 8 oz.
Big Time by On Target
Very Berry Loganberry - 6oz
WCS  Mellow Yellow 8 ozWCS  Mellow Yellow 8 oz
WCS  Corn Dog Paste Bait 8 oz.WCS  Corn Dog Paste Bait 8 oz.
On-Target  Smoked Fish Paste Bait 6 oz.
On-Target Bacon & Cheese Paste 6 oz.
Anise Paste (6 oz)
On Target Anise Paste (6 oz)
Only 3 units left
Leggett's Skunk and Opossum Lure
Checita Banana (raccoon) 6oz
Blackies Blend S-K-B Skunk Paste Bait
Raspberry - 6ozRaspberry - 6oz
On Target Raspberry - 6oz
Only 2 units left
On-Target Tuti Fruit (Persimmon) Paste Bait 6 oz.
On-Target Golden Maze/Sweet Corn Paste Bait 6 oz.
Masked Magic Raccoon Lure by Bob Noonan
Jameson's GrubStake Skunk Paste Bait-16 oz

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