Fox Hollow's Hair Raiser Buck Lure-4oz

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Fox Hollow's Big Game Hunting Scents are on top for good reason. Hunters have tried the nationally advertised brands and found 'em to be ineffective at best. I offer you genuine quality proven hunting scents that can and will work. Give Fox Hollow's attractors a try - You'll be glad you did! Hair Raiser Mature Whitetail Buck Lure at FULL STRENGTH (Is over 10 times as powerful as most buck lures) mature whitetail buck tarsal gland lure with added attractors that really fire up mature whitetail bucks. When that "BIG BOY" smells this enhanced natural scent, he will drop his guard and come running with his hair all bristled up and ready for a fight. Testimonials from hunters that have shot at and missed bucks that were scenting this lure, had them run off just to come back a few minutes later. Other hunters have had mature bucks swim small rivers and streams to investigate the irresistible smell of this lure. Others have drawn "Old Mossy Back" out of deep swamps. Most effectively used with scent dispensers placed about 4 feet off the ground from 50 to 200 yards crosswind from your stand for rifle hunting.