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Bed Bug ALERT Monitor -12 Pack


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Bed Bug ALERT Monitors consist of a clear plastic shell with a special lure adhesive board located in the center. This is a detection method only. It is not intended to treat an active infestation. If you have bed bugs, some will be drawn into the monitor and become stuck to the adhesive surface, unable to escape. Simply place Bed Bug ALERT Monitors under the mattress or anywhere bedbugs are suspected, and monitor daily to detect problems before an infestation takes hold. Active lure contains semiochemicals that attract bed bugs Durable shell is resistant to weight and moisture, unlike paper monitors Secure enclosure top snaps into the bottom so children and pets cannot touch the trapped bugs Place anywhere bed bugs are suspected under mattresses, between couch cushions, in suitcases, etc. Protective paper seal protects the freshness of the attractant gel until you are ready to use just peel and place