EarthCare Skunk Odor Removing Canister

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Clear the Air Odor Eliminator absorbs skunk odors anywhere: indoors or outdoor, on carpet, floors, dogs, concrete or lawns without chemicals or fragrances. Earth Care acts like a magnet attracting and neutralizing smells. It is made from an all natural mineral, is non toxic and biodegradable and safe for Planet Earth. It is also safe around children and pets even if eaten. Skunk Odors: Sprinkle affected surface, indoors or outdoors, leave on overnight. Vacuum or sweep up. Leave on ground if used on a lawn. Repeat as necessary until skunk odor is gone. Skunk Odors on Pets: Sprinkle pet with granules, loosely rubbing into fur. Put pet in area where dust can be shaken off by pet.. (Earth Care is safe around pets and children even if eaten.) Repeat process the next day if necessary. Skunks Under Your House: If skunks have taken up residence under your house place Earth Care Bags under your house. Also place the bags in rooms in your house that you smell the odor.