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Minnesota Brand Buck Lure-4oz


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Big Game Hunters "Minnesota Brand Buck Lure" is as a first rate cover scent. When the heavy rut is on, a true matrix lure is of great value but that's only a handful of days each year and how many of us are lucky enough to have our season fall on those few days? The bulk of the deer seasons (particularly bow and muzzleloader) fall during non-peak-rut periods. Your major need in these "non-rut- times" is of covering your own human odor and if your "lure" is appealing to the deer as well, all the better. I've personally only observed deer "follow" or "respond favorably to" three products in "non-rut-times." These products are Red Fox Urine, Deer Urine and Tonquin Musk. It's a known, but not always admitted fact that these are also the best cover scents. I've combined Red Fox Urine and Deer Urine with high priced, high quality Tonquin Musk. Now you know what "Minnesota Brand Buck Lure" is made of, and more importantly ... Why! If you're lucky enough to hunt "the HOT rut," buy a top rut-type lure such as Milligan's "Buck Dope", Wildlife Research Center's "Active Scrape," or "Miranda's Buck Lure Supreme", but for your early season and post-rut hunts, give "Minnesota Brand Buck Lure" a try. It won't let you down!