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Introducing one of newest rodent traps to WCS in Canada. The Mk4 Fenn Traps are designed to be placed in natural or artificial tunnels which directs the animal into the trap while reducing capture of non target animals. 

This trap is a powerful trap designed for rodents like rats and such includes a built in safety. However, traps were designed to be easily set. Check out the below video to see of easy it is!


Closed: 12.5cm Wide x 13.5 cm High x 12 cm Long

Set position: 14cm Wide x 5cm High x 12cm Long


Jaw Wires: BS1052

Galvanized Mild Steel Base and Trap Plate: EN10270-1 SM

Galvanized Springs: EN10270-1 SM

Galvanized Flat Jaws: CR1 Chains:

Zinc Plated Brass Parts: EN1652 1998 CW508L CZ108 H/Hard 22080310

Setting up The Finn Mk4

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