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Spypoint Link-Micro

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Main Features:

  • SMALLEST cellular trail camera on the market (3.1’’W X 4.4’’H X 2.2’’D); 
  • FREE monthly plan offered (first 30 days of unlimited photo transfers);
  • Fast 4G - photo transmission (based on availability);
  • FREE accessories: pre-activated SIM card, installation strap;
  • SPYPOINT EXPERIENCE (free app, Buck Tracker, web app, live chat, cloud storage).

Item Description:

The LINK-MICRO delivers the basic functionalities of a cellular trail camera that hunters need, at a value never before available. These capabilities, coupled with a free monthly data plan and the easiest setup only increase the value. The LINK-MICRO is the smallest, easiest to use, most affordable cellular trail camera available, period.

SPYPOINT EXPERIENCE: Automatically receive your photos from anywhere in the world, using the SPYPOINT APP and sort them by using the BUCK TRACKER feature. Get connected with the easiest activation on the market with our pre-activated SIM card included in three simple steps:

  1. Download the FREE APP
  2. Connect your camera
  3. Start receiving your photos

Visit for information on coverage and plans.

Sold separately: 8 AA batteries and a micro SD/SDHC memory card up to 32 GB