Spypoint Security Box SB-200

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Main features:

  • Steel security box
  • Fits all 42 LED SPYPOINT cameras
  • Removable front panel for easy access
  • Hole on front to a install a padlock
  • Holes on both side to insert a cable-lock 
  • Holes on back to anchor it to a tree or wall

Item Description:

Protect your investment with this rock-solid, all-steel security box! The removable front panel makes setup a breeze! 

The SB-200 is an armored shell for your game camera. It keeps your SPYPOINT camera secured and protected from both damage and theft. 

The heavy-duty steel construction can withstand abuse inflicted by everything from bears to weather. 

The removable front panel makes your device easily accessible for installation, retrieving pictures or swapping your batteries. There is a hole in the front to install a padlock & secure the camera inside the security box. There are also holes on both sides to insert a cable-lock that will allow you to attach the security box, along with some holes on back to anchor it to a tree or wall.

Fits all 42 LED SPYPOINT cameras including the SOLAR

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