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Wildlife Control Supplies is pleased to be offering the new & improved TUBE TRAP ! This quality trap, which was originally designed for mink in the early 80's is also deadly on pesky squirrels. The TUBE TRAP is 4.5 inches in diameter, and is constructed of 21 gauge steel. The TUBE TRAP is 15 inches in length and is powered by a "beefy" double torsion spring. The parts are all precison cut by laser so they are no sharp edges to contend with. This trap can be used in both a baited an unbaited manner, the trap itself is an attractant, every squirrel wants to either run through it or hide in it. When a capture is made, the squirrel is hidden from the publics view. This trap is manufactured by the R.C. Best Trap Co., and is being exclusively offered to the wildlife control community by Wildlife Control Supplies, LLC. Please Note: This is a LETHAL Trap. If you are unable or uncomfortable with employing lethal control methods, please do not purchase this trap.

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