Kness Product Overview

A few weeks ago, we recived our first order of Kness Pest Defense Products. Our order consisted of mainly rat and mouse products however Kness does carry a line of live cage traps as well.  The rat traps can also be used to capture small red squirrels and chipmunks.  Below I outline some of the different products from them. You can see the video below as well.


Snap-E Trap , and Big Snap-E

 Kness’ Snap-E trap is there mouse sized snap trap. They are similar to your traditional mouse trap in terms of the method it uses for dispatching the mouse sized animal. However, that is where the similarities end.  This trap is super easy to set as it has two bars, one bar that strikes the animal when set off and one bar that is used to set the trap by pushing it toward the back and bottom of the trap where it gets lock in automatically as soon as it reaches a point. The traps  come with an easy to use bait cup (do not over fill) and the pans are very sensitive.

 The big snap-E trap is basically the Snap-E trap but made for large rodents like rats or chipmunks.                                     


Snap-E Cover

 The snap-e cover will enclose two traps and lock them in place. There are holes at either end that allow for entry as well.  To open the box, you can use one of the two keys supplied or a flat screwdriver as there is a push tab that has to be pressed to open it. It comes with two peak holes for you do not need to open the box to check to see if the trap is set or not. I find with this box, the peak holes are a little harder to see in vs the Big Snap-E box, but they still function and can save you a lot of time if you do not need to re bait.

 The cover protects against two things, unwanted captures (example is kids fingers or pets) and the weather. Rain, and high winds can set mouse traps off or deteriorate the bait over time.  Also, with the trap locked in, they cannot move, so when one trap goes off the other will not.  They are a elongated quarter circle shape, so they can be placed in tight spots and along walls easily. The other benefits include hiding the mice or other similar sized animal from view.

 The Big Snap-e Cover

 The Big Snap-E box give the same benefits of protection and so forth as the last cover. However, this box is a bit bigger to accommodate the larger traps so they won’t fit in as tight of spots, but they are still designed to fit against walls tightly and the increase in size shouldn't be too much of a problem.  The traps are also only locked into place when the lid is closed and there is no special tool required to open them. With saying that tho you can feed a tie strap or cable lock through a designed spot to make them tamper resistant.  The peak holes are much easier to see if the traps are set off.

 Ketch-All Multiple Catch Mouse Trap

 This trap is a wind-up trap that uses a rotating apparatus to catch mice. It can capture multiple mice per check interval of the of the trap.  The traps themselves are primarily made of galvanized metal for durability and the lid and front cover are removable for dealing with the mice and cleaning the trap. They are a live capture trap and should be checked on a regular basis.

 Pro-Ketch Multiple Catch Mouse Trap and JR

 These two traps use a one-way ramp system to catch mice and hold them live. The difference between the two are the width. The Jr is half the width of the standard one for it can fit in tighter spots. However, there is less holding area for the mice. The traps made from galvanized metal for durability. The lid hinges with the ramp system for it allows for easy cleaning and handling of mice.


Tip Trap

The Tip Trap is unique trap. It will catch one mouse at a time. The mice simply walk into it seeking the bait in the back. When they reach a certain point the trap tips and the door swings shut trapping the mouse. It going to be a neat one to try out and see how it works. The back is removable with a bait dish. This allows easy bait placement. 

Thanks for reading and view the video to see an more hands on visual of the traps! If you like the video don’t forget to like it and subscribe to the channel.