Visual Deterrent

Eagle Eye - Wind Driven Eagle Eye - Wind Driven
Bird Barrier Eagle Eye - Wind Driven
In stock, 6 units
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Eagle Eye - Propeller
Bird Barrier Eagle Eye- Propeller Model
In stock, 6 units
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Bird Barrier Holographic Repel Stripe
Bird Barrier Holographic Repel Strips
In stock, 9 units
OptiCa Bird Repellant Single OptiCa Disc
Bird Barrier OptiCa (50 Pack)
In stock, 22 units
The Intimidator- Avian Detterrent
The Flasher - Woodpecker Deterrent
The Bird Banisher Woodpecker Deterrent The Bird Banisher by Viking Product Supply
FireFly FF Bird Deflector/Detterant FireFly FF Bird Deflector / Deterrent Clamp
FireFly WM Side 1 FireFly WM Side 2
P and R Tech FireFly WM Bird Deterrent
In stock, 20 units
Woodpecker SilhouettesWoodpecker Silhouettes
P and R Tech Woodpecker Silhouettes
Only 2 units left
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Lone Howler Coyote Decoy
TERROR EYES "Gets Rid of Birds Outdoors!"TERROR EYES "Gets Rid of Birds Outdoors!"
Attack Spider Woodpecker Deterrent

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