We are proud to offer wildlife control services through Nuisance Wildlife Control Inc. in our local area. Through this partnership, it benefits the clients of  Wildlife Control Supplies (WCS) Canada Store and Nuisance Wildlife Control (NWC) Inc. Clients looking for products in the store can be assured that many of them are field tested. When asking questions about our products, they will be drawing from years of experience, not only from our staff, but also the staff at Nuisance Wildlife Control Inc. The clients of Nuisance Wildlife Control Inc can also be assured that they are provided with the best and most up to date products from WCS Canada Store. 

Nuisance Wildlife Control Inc bases their operation out of Roebuck, located in Augusta Township. NWC Inc services areas from Smithfalls, Kemptville, Winchester, Morrisburg, Prescott, Brockville, Mallorytown and in-between for residential services. They also service much of Southern Ontario for Commercial and Industrial wildlife issues . For more information of there service please visit https://www.nwcinc.ca

 Nuisance Wildlife Control Inc