WCS  Pigeon Trap LP - Low Profile
WCS 7 Panel Pigeon Trap with removal door closed WCS 7 panel pigeon trap with removal door open
Tomahawk 502 Collapsable Pigeon Trap omahawk 502 Collapsable Pigeon Trap- Collapsed View
Collapsible Pigeon Trap with Shade (35" x 16" x 8")
WCS Multi-Catch Sparrow Trap
Tomahawk 501 Multi-Catch Sparrow Trap 24x12x8
WCS "E-Z" Catch Bird Trap (24" x 24")
WCS "E-Z" Catch Bird Trap (36" x36")
Mist Net - 10' x 20'
Mist Net - 10' x 40'
Urban Sparrow Birdhouse Trap-wooden
Sparrow "Trap Door" Bird Trap w/Audio ModuleSparrow "Trap Door" Bird Trap w/Audio Module

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