Forget Lures and Barnes Lures Now Available!

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XXXL Castor by Forget Lures
Forget's Lures XXXL Castor
From $19
Only 3 units left
Procoon by Forget Lures
Forget's Lures Procoon
From $18
In stock, 7 units
Beaver Barnes by Barnes Lures
Barnes Lures Beaver Barnes
From $13.50
In stock, 8 units
Coyote Lure by Barnes Lures
Barnes Lures Coyote Lure
From $13
In stock, 6 units
Weasel Lure by Barnes Lures
Barnes Lures Weasel Lure
From $13
In stock, 7 units

Wire Mesh And Door Sweeps

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WCS Canada Product News and Overviews

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Rodexit Wave

Mouse Prevention

miceDavid Brooks
I go over some of the products available and some thing to do and look for when trying to prevent mice. 
Trail Camera Overview

Trail Camera Overview

ProductDavid Brooks


This week I did a trail camera overview of the different cameras we have here at the store. Come check out the video below. Subscribe, Like, and share the video ! 

Kness Product Overview

Kness Product Overview

ProductDavid Brooks
A few weeks ago, we recived our first order of Kness Pest Defense Products. Our order consisted of mainly rat and mouse products however Kness does carry a line of live cage traps as well.  The rat traps can also be used to capture small red squirrels and chipmunks as well.  Click the article link to get more info and to view the video! 

Wildlife Control Supplies Canada

New ownership would like to welcome you to the new Wildlife Control Supplies Canada website. Ownership officially changed on May 1, 2019. We are now located conveniently along Highway 401 in Prescott, Ontario. We offer free pick up at our location, or we can ship via Canada Post, and UPS directly through purchases online. We can accommodate other shipping methods (Purolator, Frieght, ect.) if so desired by phoning in the order. 

The new ownership has worked in wildlife control since 1997, and has had vast experience in industrial, commercial and residential wildlife control.  We would like to bring that knowledge to the forefront as we help serve both the wildlife control operator and home owner alike. As time goes by we will be adding and subtracting various products as we gain experience with them. We want to only sell items we know work in Canada. As such, we also welcome any feedback from customers about any of the product we sell!

Thank you for visiting our store, if you have any question feel free to call or email us Learn more about WCS

About The Manager

 My name is David Brooks and I am the store manager at WCS Canada Store. I became passionate about wildlife when I moved to northern Ontario with my parents when I was 18 years old. At that point I realized I wanted to work with wildlife in some fashion. 

     I decided to attend Fleming Collage and took the Fish and Wildlife Technologist program.  There I learned about proper handling and sampling techniques for fish and wildlife species. What most people do not understand is the program also emphasized proper sampling and procedures to classify habitat from; soil/water sampling to identifying vegetation.

     When I finished my collage program, I continued my education through a transfer program to Trent University. Their I completed my bachelor’s degree of science with honours in biology.  The courses I completed mostly emphasize conservation...... Learn more