About us

Welcome to Wildlife Control Supplies Canada, we offer the largest selections of nuisance wildlife control supplies and animal handling equipment in Canada.

Our wide range of products allows for a "one stop" shopping experience. With our swift service and cheap prices, we are focused on saving you both time and money.

We are constantly researching and experimenting new products (such as traps, snares, repellents, lures and more), so we can assure home owners have the right tools and supplies to handle various wildlife situations.

Our animal traps and snares are ideal for squirrels and chipmunks to coyotes, turtles and beavers and our scent, audio and video repellents offer a great animal friendly solution to keep away goose, raccoon's and even bears.

Though we offer full support of the new trap standards set by the Fur institute of Canada, we also realize the dealing with problem wildlife in urban areas can be difficult to resolve using conventional fur trapping methods.

We want to assure that the problem wildlife are handled in a safe manner without endangering residents or their pets.

We are confident you will not only find a solution here at Wildlife Control Supplies to your animal and wildlife problems, the products we offer are economically priced.

WCS CANDA can be contacted at:

P.O. Box 2504, Prescott, Ontario, K0E 1T0
Fax: 613-658-2224
Phone: (613) 925-4599 or 1-866-736-7702

Email: shop@wcscanadastore.com