Welcome to Wildlife Control Supplies Canada. We offer the largest selections of wildlife and animal control supplies, handling and exclusion equipment in Canada.

Our wide range of products allows for a "one stop" shopping experience. With our swift service and economical prices, we are focused on saving you both time and money.

We are constantly researching and experimenting with new products (such as traps, repellents, lures and more), so we can assure business and homeowners have the right tools and supplies to handle various wildlife and animal situations.

Our wildlife control, scent, audio and video repellents items are ideal for rodents, mammals, birds, feral animals and much more. 

We also supply a unique selection of exclusion materials which will obstruct wildlife and animal access.

We want to assure that your problem wildlife, are handled in a safe professional manner without endangering people or pets.

We are confident you will find an economical solution to all your animal and wildlife challenges here at Wildlife Control Supplies Canada.  We have full-time dedicated staff who are experienced and trained in Wildlife Management and are available by, email or phone for any inquiries.

About The Manager 

My name is David Brooks and I am the store manager at WCS Canada Store. I became passionate about wildlife when I moved to northern Ontario with my parents when I was 18 years old. At that point I realized I wanted to work with wildlife in some fashion. 

I decided to attend Fleming Collage and took the Fish and Wildlife Technologist program.  There I learned about proper handling and sampling techniques for fish and wildlife species. What most people do not understand is the program also emphasized proper sampling and procedures to classify habitat from; soil/water sampling and anaysist  to identifying wildlife and vegetation.

 When I finished my collage program, I continued my education through a transfer program to Trent University. There I completed my bachelor’s degree of science with honours in biology.  The courses I completed mostly emphasize conservation biology (wildlife management). Courses included topics such as animal behavioral studies, population ecology, genetics, and study design.

I find the management of wildlife in relation to human-wildlife conflict to be the most interesting part of the study of wildlife. For example, the proper use of exclusion techniques to reduce negative wildlife interactions inside people’s homes.  This led me to becoming a technician with Nuisance Wildlife Control Inc. in 2011 through to 2019. As part of their team I work on both people’s homes and within commercial/industrial sites to develop, recommend and install solutions that would mitigate wildlife problems. The company allowed me to further develop my skill set through the Wildlife Control Operator Basic Training Programs  and Advanced Operator Training through the National Wildlife Control Operators Associations as well. In addition,  I have taken specialized courses such as; Zoonotic Disease, Rodent Standards, Bat Standards, and Bird Management through NWCOA. In addition, I just competed training to be a certified installer for Bird Barrier products.  I try to continue to my education by keeping update on new techniques in regards to controlling wildlife conflicts. 

In addition, I am a member of the Wildlife Society and  part of various sections and working groups. I am a member of the Canadian Section, Ontario Chapter and the Wildlife Damage working group. As such I get information regarding wildlife topics across Canada and information regarding wildlife damage topics and potential changes to our sector. I have also attended various seminars from the Structural Pest Management Association of Ontario and the New York State Wildlife Management Association to further my understanding of techniques used in wildlife management as it relates to animal damage control.

I believe in a wildlife management program approach rather than just removing the animal. This way it will remove the problem not only now but for the future as well. When contacting WCS Canada, I hope to use my experience to help recommend not only the best product but the best program/technique  to implement to solve your problem.

WCS CANDA can be contacted at:

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Fax: 613-658-2224
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