Tools and Safety Equipment

Catchmaster Bulk Glue-Gallon
Ketch-all Standard Snare Pole
Ketch All Ketch-all Standard Snare Pole
From $112
In stock, 60 units
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Ketch All Ketch Pole
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Snappy Snare- Nylon
Tomahawk Live Trap Snappy Snare- Nylon
From $58
In stock, 52 units
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Belisle Trap Setters
Super Stake
Belisle Belisle Ground Anchor Bullets
In stock, 38 units
Ketch-All Ketch and Release Pole Ketch-All Ketch and Release Pole
Trap Safety Pin
Animal/Cat Graspers
Wildlife Control Supplies LTD Animal/Cat Graspers
From $124.95
In stock, 10 units
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Galvanized Aircraft Cable - 3/32" 1x19Galvanized Aircraft Cable - 3/32" 1x19
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Bird-Bat-Mammal Net
Fox Hollow Finned Stake End- side viewFox Hollow Finned Stake End - Top View
Fox Hollow Fox Hollow Finned Stake Ends
From $3.50
In stock, 45 units
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Crunch Proof Swivel (10 Pack)
Tie Wire (14 Gauge/~300 feet)
Newt's Master Lock 3/32"Newt's Master Lock 3/32"
Snare One Newt's Master Lock 3/32"
From $0.30
In stock, 162 units
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Quick Dispatch / Kill Springs
Wildlife Control Supplies LTD Quick Dispatch Springs
From $0.50 $12
In stock, 104 units
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Save 25%
Heavy Duty 5/8" Push Pins
Wildlife Control Supplies LTD Heavy Duty 5/8" Push Pins
From $9.71 $12.95
In stock, 22 units
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Heavy Duty J-hook

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