Traps- Feral Cat

Tomahawk DT1 Drop TrapTomahawk DT1 Drop Trap
Tomahawk 306NC Transfer Cage Tomahawk 306NC Transfer Cage with Door Removed
Tomahawk Trap Divider 12"Tomahawk Trap Divider 12" in Transfer Cage
Tomahawk Live Trap 306NCSQ Transfer Cage Tomahawk Live Trap 306NCSQ Transfere Squeeze Cage
Safeguard Live Trap with Slide Release Door
Tomahawk 3 Chamber Transfer Live Cage
The Human Roundhouse Trap
Cat Den
Tomahawk Live Trap Cat Den
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Havahart #1079
Woodstream Havahart #1079
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606NC Kit-3 Piece606NC Kit-3 Piece
Tomahawk Live Trap C306 Cage to Transfere Cage Adaptor
The Relocator Cage Trap (32"x10"x12")

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