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  • Gallager M160 Electric Fence Energizer 
  • Mounted on High Visibility Pylon with 2 Pylon Weights Included 
  • CUL US Listed and CSA Approved 
  • Twist lock plug-in with in-line GFI for  power connection 

The Power Tower is a mounting solution for an electric fence engerizer used to protect an area from animal entry in conjunction with fencing (not included)  from Premier 1 Fencing.  This system has  1 Gallager M160 energizer mounted inside a weather proof housing. It comes with a twist lock plug-in with an inline GFI to protect against power surges and provide power to the energizer . The energizer plugs into a receptacle with a on/off switch inside the housing. On top of the housing a weather proof red flashing LED light is mounted for increased visibility.  

The housing is kept closed with twist latches which allow it to be locked/tagged out. 

The Power tower is CUL US Listed and CSA approved. It is a perfect solution for commercial and industrial sites which need protection from animals. 

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