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Cuddeback CuddeLink X-Change Trail Camera (G-series)


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  • Cuddelink compatible (1/4 to 2 Mile range)
  • Changable Flash Moduls 
  • 20 Megapixel
  • .25 sec Trigger speed
  • 2 year manufacture warranty

Cuddeback is one of the first companies to allow you to create a trail camera network. It allows the transfer of pictures from one camera to the next until you reach a home camera (up to 16 cameras). Each camera automatically daisy chains to one another and can potentially reach 2 mile (1/4 mile in dense forest) to the next camera for transmitting pictures under ideal conditions.  This means you only need to check one unit to check all your cameras, allowing you to not disturb your other sites.

Requires: SD Card (up to 32GB), 4-D batteries