Squirrel & Chipmunk

The "Shorty" Tube TrapThe "Shorty" Tube Trap
The "Original" Tube Trap
Koro Small Rodent V2 SetKoro Small Rodent V2 Front
Koro Koro Small Rodent "Easy Latch" Snap Trap
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Ouell 4-11Ouell 4-11
Ouell Traps Ouell 4-11
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Tomahawk 102XL Cage Trap- 18" x 5" x 5"
Mouse Magnet Syringe Style
Mk4 Fenn Traps By British Rat CompanyMk4 Fenn Traps By British Rat Company
Liquid Peanuts
On-Target  Acorn Paste Bait 6 oz
Jameson's Nutcracker Squirrel Paste Bait-8oz
Ouell 3-10Ouell 3-10
Ouell Traps Ouell 3-10
In stock, 12 units
Gold Magic Rodent Lure by Uncle Kirk's
Mk6 Fenn Traps By British Rat CompanyMk6 Fenn Traps By British Rat Company
Tomahawk 103 Cage Trap 19"x6"x6"
On-Target  Liquid Chipmunk Lure
On Target On-Target Liquid Chipmunk Lure
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Mini Tube Trap - setMini Tube Trap - side

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