Wildlife Control Supplies Canada offers a variety of solutions for Utility Companies. Below are are a few products which Utilities can use to help remediate problems with wildlife. 

Premier Fence  
PermaNet 10/48/6 Electric Netting (Pos/Neg)
The PermaNet by Premier Fencing is a cost effective solution to keeping animals in or out of a location. Designed to be installed for long periods, it contains larger and heavier PVC posts (3/4" diameter) with heavier, longer anchoring spikes (~1/3" diameter, 7" long) as well. This allows for better resistance against wind, rain, snow and / or snow. 
The fence is 48" tall and 150' long. The netting is designed with a 6, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 8, 8, 6 inch fence square height spacing for a good protection against many animals. Each line has an upper every 6". Posts are spaced 12.5 feet apart for support.
This fence is a also a Positive/Negative fence meaning that the horizontal strands alternate between Positive and Negative. This is ideal for locations where grounding the fence is difficult, as the animal now will encounter a shock when touching a positive and negative strand instead of the ground. Where soil moisture is low or sites have been designed for low grounding capabilities (electrical utility sites), the animal may not receive a shock if the fence was a positive/positive fence due the animal not be grounded well enough. The positive/negative fence eliminates that problem by providing a ground source in the negative fence strand!
Accessories available: Electric fence warning signs, replacement Electronet Clips, and Repair Kits for Net.


Critter Guard Products

Line Guard

Line guard provides protection from squirrels, chipmunks or other similar animals from using electrical lines as travel corridors to move throughout the facility. One unit contains 5-rollers. 2-wheels. 2-"L"-Brackets, 6-SS Ties, and 2-Conductor clamps. Call for Pricing. 

Pole Guard
Pole Guard is similar to Line Guard (above) but is designed specifically for electrical poles (wood or concrete). It works off the same principal that the cylinder spin and are not gripped well by the animal. Each unit comes with 2-plate halves, 4 locking pins, 12 SS ties, 4-clamps, and 7-rollers. The wood unit comes with 4 Lag Nails for attachment. The concrete pole unit comes with 4 Large L brackets suitable for steel tension bands for attachment. The steel tension bands are not included as most utilities have these. 
For more Info 
For current ordering, pricing or additional information on these products please call 613-925-4599 or 1-866-736-7702 or email at shop@wcscanadastore.com.