Comstock C911MP Multipurpose Cage Trap 36x9x11

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There are no traps more versatile than Model C911MP. The Comstock Multipurpose Trap measures 36Lx9Wx11H, is constructed of 1/2" x 1" wire mesh throughout the trap and weighs approximately 18 lbs. It features a built in 3-way nose cone for mounting over dens or entry points on structures. With two doors, this unique cage trap will capture animals coming from two directions in a trail situation. Utilising a bottom opening in the nose cone, it will also capture animals entering or exiting dens, free standing, or up against structure. With it's 3-way nose cone this trap can accommodate up to two additional traps due to side flaps located in the 3-way nose cone. This means you can set three traps over one den! Also, because of side flaps, the trap can be placed both perpendicular or parallel to buildings, left or right.This trap is designed for woodchucks, skunks, raccoon and similar size animals.

*Additionally, this multipurpose trap may even be attached upside down, sideways or at oblique angles to capture raccoon entering or existing buildings making it an ideal trap for positive set situations under soffits, on rooftops, against vent openings or pretty much anywhere an animal has entered a building.

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