A24 Home Trapping Kit

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  • Automatically resets trap
  • Up to 24 rats or mice can be caught per CO2 canister 
  • Designed to help avoid non target animals 
  • Comes with or without counter. 

The home trapping kits comes with:

  • 1x A24 Unit
  • 1x Black Trap Stand 
  • 1x CO2 Gas Canister 
  • 1x Automatic Lure Pump
  • 6x Lure tasters
  • 1x Quick Start Guide

The A24 mouse/rat trap was design to effectively and humanely dispatch mice and rats. It has a small opening to a strike bar that help avoids non targets such as larger animals.  The trap resets automatically after each catch for up to 24 strikes on rats and mice. 

The home kits has two separate option,  one option has an included strike counter and one option is sold without the counter. The counter will keep track of how many strikes have occurred between changing CO2 canisters. It can be useful especially when setting outside as dispatch mice or rats can be scavenged upon by other animals. 

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