A24 Profesional Trap Kit

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  • Self setting A24 repeating trap (up to 24 strikes)
  • Lockable station
  • Easy to remove and clean tray 

The A24 professional kit is high quality rodent station which houses a A24 rat/mouse trap. It has the same benefits of a normal bait station without the need for the poison. The station can hold 3 rats before the tray needs to be removed and cleaned. It further helps reduce the potential of non target animals by enclosing the A24 trap in housing with limited hole size. 

The A24 works off a CO2 cartridge which powers a strike bar to kill the rats or mice. It can strike up to 24 animals  before the cartridge needs replacing. The trap also houses an automatic lure pump to slowly dispense bait. 

A single includes:

  • 1-A24 Trap
  • 1-A24 Trap Station 
  • 1-Digital Strike Counter 
  • 1-Automatic Lure Pump 
  • 1-CO2 Canister 
  • 1-Automatic Lure Pump 
  • 1-Key

The 6 pack includes:

  • 6- A24 Traps
  • 6- A24 Trap Station Boxes
  • 6- Digital Strike Counters 
  • 6- Automatic Lure Pumps
  • 6- C02 Canisters  
  • 2- Station Box Keys 
  • 1- Pre-feed Pouch

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