Animal Odor Eliminator (A.O.E.)

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  • Eliminates odours on animals include anal scent gland secretions, tom cat spray, faces, urine and others 
  • Safe to use on pets, hands, walls, floors and counters
  • Perfect for kennels, litter trays and cages

The animal odour eliminator (A.O.E.) is eliminates a variety of odours associated with animals including: anal scent gland secretions, cat spray, urine, feces, necrotic tissue, and more.  it is both safe to use on hands and your pets along with other surfaces such as walls, floors and counters. 

Comes as a easy to use wipes (80/pack) or spray (8oz). Heavy users can purchase a 128 oz container to refill spray. 

Other information:

A.O.E. Specification Sheet 

A.O.E. SDS Sheet 


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