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The Science Behind BAC-AZAP BAC-ZAP uses non-pathogenic bacterium that work on an organic chemical level. These pseudomonad-friendly bacteria are super organic eaters . They are so efficient that they out-compete other bacteria that are trying to turn the organic materials into smelly compounds. The bacteria produce enzymes to biologically breakdown organic matter as well as attach to odor molecules in the air as a second layer of odor elimination. BAC-AZAP eliminates odors including: Feces Sewage Urine Vomit Smoke Mold & mildew Athletic smells Skunk Stinky drains Garbage Pet odors Dead animals Food odors Even skunk No other product like it Other popular products may immediately encapsulate odors, but BAC-AZAP is the only available odor eliminator that also consumes decaying organic matter, removing the odor at the source. It removes organic odor, organic stains, and drain fly, phorid fly, and fruit fly breeding sites. BAC-AZAP first uses an odor encapsulation technology similar to popular consumer odor eliminators, but instead of simply encapsulating the odor BAC-AZAP s powerful combination of bacteria and enzymes begin to consume the organic matter causing the odor. The bacteria will continue to double in population as long as conditions remain favourable and there is organic material left as a food source. The increase in bacteria, in turn, produces more enzymes to break down the organic material even further. This cyclical process continues until the food supply is entirely exhausted. Once the organic material is consumed, the bacteria die, leaving CO2 and water as harmless, odourless by-products.

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