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Batcone® II Excluder


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This is the latest addition to the "Bat Cone" family, this is the professional Bat Excluder , recently unveiled at the PestWorld 2006 show in Dallas. The Bat Excluder is gray in color, approx. 6" in length, with four flexible tabs at one end to attach the excluder over the bats entry/exit point. The bat excluder can be attached using push-pins, staples, duct-tape, etc. Completely re-usable, the Bat Excluder is made if a durable polyethylene and will last for many years. For optimal results mount the Bat Excluder with a slight downward incline. Once the bat exits the Bat Excluder they cannot return to the structure. The Bat Excluder is a great time-saver, looks professional, and is completely humane !