Eagle Eye- Propeller Model

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Model: Silver (Land Birds)

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  • Comes in Silver, or Red to deter different Birds
  • Spins in very low wind conditions 
  • Comes with mounting hardware

The Eagle Eye Propeller uses sunlight to reflect certain wave lengths of light which birds perceive as danger. It I most effective in a line of sight application. The Propeller was designed to help compliment the eagle eye system by extending the effective range and light pattern.  The reflective light does not affect humans or livestock and is safe to use around industrial, commercial , residential and agricultural sites.  It I used in light to medium bird pressure areas. 

The wind driven model uses a two bearing system to easily spin in very light wind.  

Comes with mount plate, straight mount pole, mounting hardware and propeller. 

It comes in two different colours:

Silver: Designed for land birds. 

Red: Designed for marine birds. 

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