Eagle Eye - Wind Driven

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  • Comes in  Gold or Red to deter different Birds
  • Spins in very low wind conditions 
  • Comes with mounting hardware

The Eagle Eye uses sunlight to reflect certain wave lengths of light which birds perceive as danger. It I most effective in Lin of sight applications and should be spaced 150-300 feet apart, less apart depending on mitigating circumstances such as shady area or different level roofs. The reflective light does not affect humans or livestock and is safe to use around industrial, commercial , residential and agricultural sites.  It I used in light to medium bird pressure areas. 

The wind driven model uses a two bearing system to easily spin in very light wind.  Models which are driven by a 12V motor are also available through special order.

Comes with mount plate, straight mount pole, "L" shaped mount pole, cleaning solution, cleaning cloth, mounting hardware. 

It comes in two different colours: 

Gold : Designed for land birds 

Red: Was designed for marine birds. 


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