M8 Multi Bang Propane Cannon


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The M8 Multi-Bang Cannon is the industry standard used by more bird and wildlife control experts than any other LP gas cannon.  It works by producing random series of single, double and triple clusters of shots. Similar to the M3 and M4 models, time duration between series of shots is adjustable from 30 seconds to 15 minutes. The piezo ignition generates as many as 200,000 shots, and the M8 is capable of producing approximately 5,000 shots per five gallon LP gas cylinder (not included). The use of multiple shots at irregular intervals over a short period of time has been proven as one of the most effective methods of bird and wildlife dispersal. 

The use of ear protection is recommended when operating the M8. It is designed to be fired in an open field and placed on a flat ground. For best safety practices, do not operate the M8 near dry vegetation or material. For best results, change locations and vary the rate of fire often.

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