Tomahawk Live Trap

Tomahawk MP 200 Multi-Purpose Cage Trap- 36"x10"x12"


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Main Features:

  • Built in nose cone 
  • Nose Cone can change to allow for flush mounts
  • Rear sliding door

This trap measures 36"L x 11"W x 12"H. This trap can be used not only as a zero-clearance trap (butted right up against a building, but because of the "nosecone" feature it can be dug in right over a woodchuck (groundhog) hole, which forces the animal up into the trap. Used in this manner there are no "non-target" captures with this trap. It is "positive capture". The Universal trap also has the sliding rear door feature. This trap works great for animals that burrow under ground or buildings, i.e. skunks, woodchucks, ect.