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NoMol Mole trap


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This is the NoMol, a four pack of the most effective mole trap on the market. Each box comes complete with four traps, four wooden stakes, and very clear directions for setting. These are completely safe as they sit right in the mole tunnel, completely below ground. They catch moles, shrews, and even voles. Very easy to set. Wildlife Control Supplies of Canada is very excited to be offering these to the nuisance wildife professional. These WILL make you money !! Testimonial: James, Thanks for all the information you provided when I purchased some of the no mole traps from you. I set up a job with deep runs and where the dirt was pushed up from a hole. I located the runs per your instructions and I captured a star nose mole. Thanks for giving me such good instruction on setting these No Mol traps, it helped me finish the job in four days. Attached is a picture of the star nose mole. Thanks Tom Logan, Wild Things LLC

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