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  • Comes with everything you need to manage odours in a clinic 
  • Contains 1 bottle of Laundry Odour Eliminator (32oz) , Animal Odour Eliminator (8oz), Kennel Odour Eliminator (16oz),  OdourMed (22oz) and  1 package of Animal Odour Eliminator Wipes (80 wipes)! 
  • Safe to use around people and animals alike

The Complete Odour Management Clinic Kit by Thornell Corp. comes with everything you need to control odours around a animal clinic or similar location. 

Laundry Odour Eliminator (L.O.E.)

 Eliminates, not mask, unpleasant animal odours from towels, blankets, bedding and other machine washable items. Only requires 1/2oz per load of laundry. Comes in a easy to use dispensing bottle. Simply add to the pre-soak or main wash cycle with your detergent. It is a laundry additive not detergent. It is safe to use with detergents, fabric softeners and other laundry additives. 

Animal Odour Eliminator Spray and Wipes (A.O.E.)

The animal odour eliminator (A.O.E.) is eliminates a variety of odours associated with animals including: anal scent gland secretions, cat spray, urine, feces, necrotic tissue, and more.  it is both safe to use on hands and your pets along with other surfaces such as walls, floors and counters. 

Kennel Odour Eliminator (K.O.E.)

Eliminates , not masks, odours from kennels, cages, runs, walls, and other large areas. Safe to use on both indoor and outdoor kennel settings. Pets can immediately re-enter cleaned kennel.  Kennel Odour Eliminator can be added to your cleaning solutions and/or rinse water. 


 OdourMed is a ready to use product to deodorize anywhere clients may be in the clinic. It leaves behind a pleasant fresh and clean fragrance. For quick and perminate results spray directly on source of odour. For hard surfaces, spray directly on surface  , wipe clean and let air dry. For fabrics, soak area and let dry. 

Other Information 

SDS Forms : L.O.E. ,  A.O.E. , K.O.E.,   OdourMed

Techical Sheet: L.O.E. ,  A.O.E. , K.O.E.,   OdourMed

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