Pos/Neg PermaNet® 10/48/6 Electric Netting (150 feet)

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The PermaNet by Premier Fencing is a cost effective solution to keeping animals in or out of a location. Designed to be installed for long periods, it contains larger and heavier PVC post (3/4" diameter) with 2 heavier, longer anchoring spikes per pole (~1/3" diameter, 7" long ) as well. This allows for better resistance against wind, rain, snow and / or snow. 

The fence is 48" tall and 150' long. The netting is designed with a 6, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 8, 8, 6 inch fence square height spacing for a good protection against many animals. Each line has an upper every 6".Post are spaced 12.5 feet apart for support.

This fence is a also a Positive/Negative fence meaning that the horizontal strands alternate between Positive and Negative. This is ideal for locations where grounding is poor, as the animal now will encounter a shock when touching a positive and negative strand instead of the ground. Where soil moisture is low or sites have been designed for low grounding capabilities (electrical utility sites) the animal may not receive a shock if the fence was a positive / positive fence due the animal not be grounded well enough. The positive / negative fence eliminates that problem by providing a ground source in the negative fence strand!
Each fence comes with one warning  sign and 1 repair kit as well. 

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