ProCone Multi-Use Wildlife Excluder

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This is the NEW ProCone wildlife excluder by Westchester Wildlife. This is a multi-use, reusable, exclusion cone that can be used for bats, birds, and flying squirrels. Made of durable CLEARpolycarbonate these cones can be used over and over for exclusion work. Available in three different shapes to fit any situation. For bats, inspect the entire structure, mount over there entry/exit hole with a slight downward slope, wait 3 - 5 days, the bats will be GONE, come back to remove the cone(s) and seal up the hole. The ProCone is a quick and humane method of bat removal. Can be used in a similar manner for bird removal from vents and flying squirrels from inside structures. The ProCone is made of a clear material so it almost disappears when mounted on a structure. It also looks professional when using them. PLEASE NOTE:For the sake of picture resolution these cones "appear" blue/gray, however they are actually CLEAR polycarbonate. Product Tags

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