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  • Removes skunk odour from dogs, other pets, and people 
  • Safe to use around eyes, mouths and between toes 
  • Comes in a 8oz bottle 

Thornell's skunk off removes the unwanted skunk odour of pets and people. Generally when a skunk sprays a pet it is in the chest/face region. Thornell's skunk-off is safe to use around teh eyes, mouth and between. toes for this reason. 

Is is very easy to use; wipe off excess skunk spray, then wet the coat and apply liberal amount to affected areas. You then let stand 3-5 minutes and rinse thoroughly out.  With cats use warm water and bath entire cat expat around face which you used soft clothed soaked in the shampoo.  Throughly rinse cats complete after application and dry. 

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