Vertical Door Seal Kit


Finish: Aluminum

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  • Seal vertical gap in double doors or single door and frame
  • Two 96" seals per kit; can be cut to shorter lengths 
  • Works with metal and wood door (adhesive mount for glass door is a available)

The Vertical Door seal kit is used to seal the gap between double doors or single doors and the frame.  It uses a high quality rubber gasket filled with excluder fill fabric in a included retainer to seal the vertical gap against rodents and other pests.Retainer is available in aluminum or dark bronzed aluminum finish. 

The kit contains two 96" seals which can be cut to accommodate handles, and/or shorter doors. One seal comes with an extra weather seal flap to improve sealing against the elements.  This kit is the hardware version and comes with 3/4" stainless steel sheet metal screws for mounting. Available in a aluminum or 

An adhesive mount is available for glass doors through special order. 

More information:

Vertical Seal Kit Information Sheet 

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