Woodpecker Silhouettes


Model: Northern Flicker

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  • 1.5mm Aluminum Plate Construction 
  • Painted on Both Sides and Clear Coated 
  • Comes with rust resistant mounting  hardware 

Woodpecker are very territorial and many will avoid areas with the rwood peckers. The silhouettes are met to mimic the presence of a woodpecker to keep other away from the area. 

Their are two versions available, a smaller Northern Flicker and large Pileated Woodpecker version. The Northern Flicker utilizes UV paint which stands out to other wood[peckers.  They are easy to mount and also include a 13mm hole in the mounting plate for clipping into a snap lock whiling climbing electrical poles or other structures. 

The Northern Flicker is 28cm x 17cm. 

The Pileated Woodpecker is 50cm x 21cm.

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