Xcluder® Pest Control Dock Leveler Seal Kit w/Slide-’n-Seal Technology


Profile: Standard (1"-1 3/8")

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  • Aluminium Retainer construction 
  • Durable rubber seal with Xcluder fill fabric 
  • Easy to install 

The Xcluder Dock Seal helps prevent mice or other rodents from using the gaps between the dock leveller and the finished floor and is ideal for food processing plants, warehouse facility, etc. Mice and other rodents use these gaps to gain entry to the building and cause damage or contamination of various product. The seal is replaceable if it were to be damaged as well. It can be slide out of the track and a new one slide in. 

The kit contains:

  • 4- 48" 90 degree retainers
  • 2- 8' rubber seals with xcluder fabric 
  • 15- self taping screws

*Fits most dock levellers, Standard fits gap between 1"-1 3/8", Low-Profile fits gaps of 11/16" - 1". See Issue Sheet Detail A for gap measuring. 

More Information:

Dock Leveler Info Sheet

Dock Leveler Installation Sheet 

Dock Leveler Issue Sheet

Door and Leveler Survey Sheet 


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