Xcluder Versa Line Door Sweep (<1.75" Gap)

XcluderSKU: WCS-XCL-VL-36

Size: 36"
Finish Option: Aluminum

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The Xcluder Versa Line door sweep is Xcluder's new model of door sweep that replaces the older commercial and residential version of the door sweep. The new sweeps come in a standard aluminum retainer. The sweeps still contain the same xcluder fill fabric but the aluminum retainer now extends down closer to the bottom of the rubber seal.  The new sweep also comes with enhanced weather sealing with a second integrally molded flap. The flap helps prevents light penetration, enhances the thermal properties, and protection against flying and crawling bugs. 

The versa line comes with a cover to hide the mounting screws as well to help make the door sweep more antically pleasing due to the size of the retainer require to cover the larger gap. 

The sweeps can be cut to length using common tools and comes with hex/Philip combo head screws for ease of installation. 

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